Training & investor education

Training fund industry professionals ... and private investors

The challenge of implementing and complying with a myriad of regulations adopted since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008 keeps demand for professional training courses familiarising fund industry professionals with the new provisions at a high level.

Under the responsibility of its Professional Training Committee, ALFI, in collaboration with the House of Training, is currently offering more than 65 fund industry related training modules leading to certification for a broad range of career paths.

Courses cover fund industry basics (legal environment, social life, compliance matters...) and alternative funds (real estate, private equity or hedge funds) as well as the various aspects of the highly diverse investment fund value chain, from fund accounting to transfer agency and the custodial bank function. As a result of the progressive implementation of the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD), real estate and private equity related courses have generated a great deal of interest, with over 50% the total annual subscriptions in 2015, in the same manner as courses covering AML/KYC and compliance.

Understanding investing

Taking investment decisions without professional advice requires a minimum level of basic knowledge to avoid the potential pitfalls that may be lurking at the various stages of the investment process.

That’s why ALFI has set up its dedicated website that provides financial novices easy to understand guidance on the basic principles of dealing with money. Of course, this website does not deliver unerring advice “how to become a millionaire in three months", it is focusing on explaining "how money works", why it may lose value over time under the effect of inflation, what can be done to preserve its value and to, ideally, make it grow over time; and much more.

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