Luxembourg for Finance: putting the financial centre on the global map

The objective of Luxembourg for Finance is to develop Luxembourg’s financial services industry and identify new business opportunities. It also monitors global trends to identify opportunities. It is a public-private partnership between the Government and the Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation (PROFIL) through which ALFI has its voice.

In 2015, LFF continued strengthening its network with high-level international media. This took the form of meetings with senior journalists and opinion makers in key national and international media in countries such as France, Belgium, Germany and the UK. An over-arching social media campaign was developed and targeted at international investors, opinion leaders, professionals and the general public.  

The agency organised missions to China (Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing) and the Middle East (Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi). Additional high-level financial missions to Paris (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Montreal and Toronto (Canada). Moreover, LFF took part in a number of fairs and conferences during the year, through speaker and panellist engagements as well as promotional stands such as the Asian Financial Forum and SIBOS in Singapore.

LFF hosted its second Renminbi Forum in June 2015. The Eurozone 2015 flagship RMB event addressed China’s economy and its importance on a global stage, financial reform in China, the role of international RMB hubs, RMB clearing activities, RMB financial products and the structuring of RMB funds.

The report LUXFIN2020 explains how Luxembourg has grown into one of Europe’s leading financial centres, detailing its growth and expansion plans. The financial centre has three main objectives for the next five years: developing as a centre of excellence in cross-border finance, to be the EU onshore hub of reference, and becoming a digital leader. SurprisingLux is a joint communications campaign with Luxembourg for Business. It reveals the story behind Luxembourg’s economy using facts, figures and anecdotes to showcase international success stories and expertise.

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