Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg Asbl (

Inclusive finance means increasing access to low-cost and responsible financial services for vulnerable people, with the objective of tackling poverty and supporting economic empowerment. Promoting this goal is part of the Luxembourg government’s international development programme. Establishing and supporting is part of this work. is the national platform that brings together public, private and civil society actors involved in inclusive finance, with ALFI one of its 23 members. Its Board of Directors is composed of inclusive finance experts from different professional backgrounds. This helps the association leverage expertise in Luxembourg to advance financial inclusion worldwide, poverty alleviation and empowerment of low-income groups.

The objectives of are:

  • To consolidate Luxembourg’s position as a centre of excellence in the field of inclusive finance;
  • To adopt and promote a stance on key themes of inclusive finance;
  • To create and disseminate knowledge and good practice on inclusive finance;
  • To establish synergies and collaboration amongst its members.

The association organises networking events, conferences and training. It also publishes a monthly newsletter and represents its members at national and international events. The network offers its members scholarships for prestigious and well recognised training courses. works with the Luxembourg Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs and the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) to organise the European Microfinance Award. The ceremony attracts around 400 people, helping to promote microfinance initiatives and highlight their contribution to the development of the sector. helps organisethe Midi de la microfinance et de l’inclusion financière, event presenting different topics and aspects of financial inclusion. It also supported ALFI’s conference on “Impact Investing & Microfinance” organised in April 2015.

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